What’s up? Why Do People Keep Jumping On New Social Media Platforms?

Tic Tok, Instagram, Facebook, what’s the big deal. Why are people so eager to jump on new social media platforms? I mean, what the heck did we do before LinkedIn? 

The average internet user has almost eight social media accounts. Social media platforms have taken the world by storm, and believe it or not. There’s no sign of slowing. More venues are being developed each day.

Let’s look at why we all seem so drawn to social media platforms and why we will probably keep seeing new ones.

As technology advances, so do our means of communicating effectively. Thirty-five years ago, we thought cordless phones were pretty cool. Now, with the world of social media at our fingertips, connection and acceptance are never very far away.


A new venue for engaging with old friends, new friends, work colleagues, and more. The internet was meant as a gathering place, a place you could share information from the very beginning.

Well, we’ve come a long way since the late ’70s, where we witnessed the dawn of social media with the Plato platform, developed at the University of Illinois. Facebook Didn’t show up until February of 2004. 

Since then, social media platforms have been popping up everywhere. By the grace of that connection, old relationships have quickly become re-established, families reunited, and governments have been overthrown.

The driving force behind all of those activities is the power of connection. The ability to communicate what you’re feeling at the moment and share that directly with folks in your sphere of reality.


Social media platforms have also proven themselves to be portals of exchange. What used to take days or even months to communicate can be shared in seconds, simultaneously worldwide.

The information we share contributes to forming a fantastic array of metadata that provides optimized user experiences and unparalleled opportunities for hyper direct marketing and exchange. Social media platforms have brought the world market into our homes.

The value of the exchange isn’t only found in what we buy and sell. It’s collective energy too. It’s in educational and professional networking, creative connections, and more.

Whether you’re looking for your next job or trying to sell your next big idea, social media platforms are the perfect way to coordinate and exchange.

“To Infinity and Beyond”

With emerging technology challenging and enhancing the way we communicate, we will continue to see more social media platforms come and go. As our understanding of the social media platform expands, so make our demands for its performance.

With the launch of social media, privacy concerns became an immediate concern. In answer to that demand came the birth of crypto and blockchain technology.

Blockchain tech has already introduced new social media platforms that exist in a trustless environment. That means users no longer have to give up personal information they don’t want to share. That’s right, no more big brother looking over your shoulder. I wonder, what will become of TicTok then. 

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